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Independent heath store retailer? Gym Owner? Or just an advocate of spreading awareness of good health through proper nutrition?
We make it our mission to bring you a range of supplements of the finest quality...exactly what your body deserves!
We like to think that we do things differently here. Our company was founded by a naturopathic nutritionist back in 2013, and we have continued to consistently develop supplements of the highest standards to assist your wellbeing.
We combine natural ingredients, traditional methods and modern technology to ensure that you get maximum benefits.

Why stock Feel Supreme products?

  • Award winning products

  • 5 star rated on Trustpilot

  • Low Minimum Orders

  • Fast Shipping

  • In-store support available - POS, open days, staff training, social media content

  • All major cards accepted

Our range includes:
• The Mushroom Range - Lions Mane Tincture and other mushroom products
• Adaptogens - including Shilajit and Ashwagandha
• Sea Moss
• Natural Protein
• Digestive Support
• NAD+ Booster
• Vitamins
• and much more

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