We can offer a wide range of products at generous wholesale prices. We always welcome potential new stockists, and can work with you to provide staff training on our products, Feel Supreme branded visual merchandising and product specific leaflets.

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We currently work to support a wide range of professional athletes in various stages of their careers. There are many ways in which we can work, but we prefer to do so on a long term basis to ensure our sponsored guy can take full advantage of the service we have to offer.

We prefer to start with the Nutritional Deficiency Test, and progress into the diet and lifestyle guidance, natural supplements and complementary services such as yoga, mind coaching and weight cutting programmes.

If you believe you could offer us a mutually beneficial arrangement,whether you are an athlete, public persona or from any other walk in life, we would love to hear from you here.

Do you manage or have influence over a large network of health conscious individuals? We could offer you a place on the Feel Supreme Affilaite Programme. This is popular with gyms, health clubs and social media pages to name but a few.

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Do you have a client base who you believe may benefit from our natural supplements? We can offer a mutually beneficial relationship for all involved, including your clients.

This is most popular with homeopaths, naturopaths, yoga instructors, phsio therapists and complimentary therapists

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