Organic Coconut Oil by Feel Supreme – 350ml

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What’s all the fuss about Feel Supreme Organic Coconut Oil?

Coconut Oil has courted a lot of media coverage of late, and rightly so. The nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic benefits of this natural oil are numerous.

Feel Supreme Organic Coconut Oil is raw, virgin and cold pressed- just how nature intended.

Below, I will give my top 20 uses and benefits of Feel Supreme Organic Coconut Oil.

• Although high in fat‬, it is a healthy fat (medium chain fatty acids) which is easily digested and converted by the liver into energy, rather than stored as fat. It can actually help promote weight‬ loss as it can promote a healthy metabolism‬.

• It is considered the best oil to cook with as it is not affected by high temperatures. Other oils, including olive‬ oil, can have the ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 disrupted by high temperatures. Please note, olive oil is still a healthy oil when applied cold.

• It can be used to help whiten teeth naturally with a process called oil pulling. It’s antibacterial properties can help cut through plaque and draw out toxins. This can also help strengthen teeth and help to heal cavities. Swish the Feel Supreme Organic Coconut Oil around your mouth, pushing and pulling between your teeth, for upto 20 minutes. Be sure to spit the residue in the bin rather than down a plug hole!

• 50% of fat in the oil is lauric acid. This can be used to help destroy viruses

• It can be used as a natural sweetener in tea/coffee‬.

• It can help absorb fat soluble vitamins‬. So for anybody taking vitamin supplements, Feel Supreme Organic Coconut Oil can help the body absorb them more efficiently.

• It can help regulate blood sugars and hormones.

• It can promote heart health, thyroid‬ function and the immune system.

• As the brain is made up of fat, coconut oil can help protect against neurological disorders

• It can help maintain healthy skin

• The antibacterial properties means it can also be used as a toothpaste (combined with baking soda),can kill any bacteria which is causing bad breath, effective against ‪‎gingivitis‬, dry lips and bleeding gums.

• It can be used as a moisturiser which can be effective against ‪‎eczema‬. It can either be applied or put in the bath.

• It can kill fungus e.g athletes foot, ‪‎candida‬, ringworm‬ and skin rashes.

• It can be applied to wounds,burns, bites and stings to help sooth.

• It can be used as a makeup remover, shaving lotion, eye cream, cuticle cream and lip balm.

• It can be combined with cane sugar and used as a body scrub

• Its anti bacterial properties means it can be an effective deodorant.

• It can be combined with oregano oil and applied to cold sores.

• It can be combined with lavender oil and applied to ‪‎heamarroids‬

• It can be used for a perineal massage – expectant mothers can use it to massage the perineum daily, starting about a month before the due date, to help reduce the chance of tearing.


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