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Those who wish to sing, always find a song.Swedish Proverb

When the email landed at Feel Supreme HQ recently, we were taken aback by what was written infront of us. Quite often, we receive sponsorship proposals, but this one was like no other we’d seen before .

The email was from Andy Murphy , a young, Irish mixed martial artist who’d been plying his trade on one of Europe’s biggest shows, BAMMA. It was a thorough plan of how we could forge a symbiotic relationship, and why sponsorship from us would be so crucial . During 2017, Andy, aka The Carlow Kid, was spontaneously struck down with vertigo and vestibular issues, which has undoubtedly stalled his career. But it was Andy’s optimism and determination to regain his health which really shone through . Who wouldn’t want to work with somebody of that mould? Somebody of the mentality of …

Those who wish to sing, always find a song.

Our founder, Matt Murphy, sat down with Andy to welcome him to the team.

Hi Andy, firstly I’d like to say welcome to the team! What is it that appealed to you to offer us the sponsorship opportunity?

I could be here all day writing about it! But long story short, I got rocked with BPPV vertigo 3 weeks ahead of BAMMA 30. It came out of absolutely nowhere after a training session. And I’ve had trouble shaking it since. Thankfully, the dizziness is gone now and all scans came back clear, so just fighting off a bit of a haze now and doing a lot of vestibular rehab. I have finally got back in to training and hope to build towards a summer return, all going well.

Was it anything in particular which brought it on? Any head trauma during training?

That’s the million dollar question. I’m all about prevention rather than cure, and to this day I’m unsure as to what actually caused it. I didn’t receive any bad blows or any big shot that I could single out. I was 100 per cent physically and mentally turning up to training that day but left with the place spinning. As fighters, we do take shots to the head in sparring and get put hard on our backs from takedowns. But this was no different to any other Saturday session. It’s been a frustrating time since, but also a time of reflection and growth too.

And what’s been the view of the medical professionals?

To be honest, as soon as I mention that I do MMA it’s straight away, “oh, that’s trauma. Blows to the head.” The usual. Even though my MRI is perfectly clear, my eyesight is perfect and nothing dark or sinister showed up on any scan. I won’t lie, it’s been frustrating in that sense as I’m all about taking care of myself when it comes to how I train, my nutrition, my psychology and my overall lifestyle. I’m very professional. I feel as fighters, sometimes we aren’t seen as athletes. If I was a GAA player and had vertigo, I’d wonder would I be treated the same way.

Have you ever consulted a homeopath? As a naturopath, im very much conscious of how your micronutrients effect your body. There is a link between vertigo and vitamin C and vitamin B6. But you’d need a heomeopath with experience of dealing with vertigo.

At this moment in time I haven’t, but I’m very much open to anything that may enable me to be back to optimal levels. At this moment in time I’m back active and moving but something just isn’t firing right.

You mentioned about your nutrition- what does a typical diet look like for you when you training?

Usually I eat at 7am-10am-1pm-4pm-7pm and 10pm. A typical breakfast comprises of porridge oats, a spoon of coconut oil, chia seeds, linseed, blueberries and squeeze of honey plus two boiled eggs. Water and black coffee. A lot of my other meals consist of chicken, basmati rice and green beans. I also consume full fat Greek yoghurt with berries and take supplements such as omega 3,6,9 fish oils and protein directly after workouts.

So a clean, wholefoods diet. You originally came to us for sponsorship with regards to our CBD oil. How do you feel that may benefit you personally, but also other MMA competitors?

Haha hey I like to live a little too but when training I’m very serious about what I consume. At the end of the day the body is like a car and if you’re not fuelling it right it ain’t going to run!

I have to say, I’ve heard rave reviews about your CBD oil. When I trained at Team Alpha Male, the head coach at the time, Justin Bucholz said it was what kept guys on the mat. That certainly got my ears pricked. It has anti inflammatory benefits that are of no doubt benefit to us fighters due to the high volume of training we do. Additionally I’ve heard of how it benefits sleep also, and I do love a good nights sleep!!! Don’t we all!!!

What are your plans for this year?

My plans are pretty simple really. The injury has really made me appreciate how much I love doing what I do. I have a whole new appreciation and drive for the sport. I was hungry for it before but now I’m starving. I’m just itching to get back. The plan is to be back on the big shows as soon as my body and health allows. Which I hope to be this summer all going to plan.

Well we’re here to do what we can to help you achieve that goal. We look forward to working with you. And post fight career , you could look at writing the “how to write a sponsorship proposal manual”! Your attitude and professionalism has been has been impeccable, and you have shown that you are somebody who we would happily work with.



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