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Here we have it. We sat down recently with Feel Supreme sponsored athlete Alan Philpott ahead of his World Title fight this Friday 7th July.
So, you have a Bamma World Title fight coming up on 7th July against  Shay Walsh. This has the potential to be a great fight, a massive fight on paper for European MMA, and will be a big test for both you and Shay. 

How much of an important part has your diet played in preparation for this fight?

A- My diet is one of the main keys for success. In the past it has been a problem of mine. It has caused bad performances and losses. I have recently teamed up with a Sports Nutritionist who will be taking full control of my diet, weight cut and weight gain after the weigh in. Feel Supreme has came on board to help with my all round health. I have took CBD Sport, Cordyceps and Multivitamins everyday for the last 4/5 weeks. The results speak for themselves. I am fitter and recovering faster than ever. I feel healthier and fitter than ever. Knowing my body is getting more valuable needs is very important so my performances are always the best to my ability.

So what would be a typical diet for you before camp, and how does that compare to your diet during camp. And how do you change it up come fight week?

A- Each day is different. My meals are based around my training and daily routine. The more active I am the more I eat. As the fight gets closer things really change- the portion sizes , less carbs and I have to cut out the crappy foods. Little treats here and there are ok as long as it’s in moderation. Fight week is really strict. You are limited to veg and light foods, no sugar, salt, sodium anything that can retain and hold water has to be cut out completely

When you say treats, obviously you mean something like an organic ice cold fruit smoothie? So what would a typical meal look like for you come fight week?

A- Haha hmm yea of course haha a little chocolate early stages is fine ?.

Depending on the time of day and what sessions I’ve done . But basically I just eat fish veg egg whites . If I am having carbs it would be rice , sweet potatoes and then snacks are berries with Greek yoghurt or a protein shake.
Ok, so you mentioned about your supplements from Feel Supreme, can you give us a breakdown of what you have and how you feel each supplement has enhanced your health and preparation?

A- I feel a massive difference in my recovery and energy levels. Since taking the CBD Sport, Cordyceps and Multivitamins, I have been getting better sleep. When I wake up I don’t have that groggy, tired, lethargic feeling. I’m awake and ready for the day. My performances have boosted and I feel it’s made a massive improvement on my health.

Q- So finally, how do you see this fight playing out?

A- I see me putting in a top class performance, picking off Shay Walsh, finding the holes and break him down. I feel levels above them all now, 7th July you’ll see the start of a new era.

Thank you for your time, and as fans, we’re excited to see you out there. As sponsors, we’re humbled to have been on board. Enjoy fight night!


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