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Bloating may often be the result of poor digestion or an inadequate diet. Below I will list 9 natural remedies for bloating.

Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to promote adequate levels of HCl (stomach acid) – low levels of HCl may contribute to bloating by struggling to digest food adequately.
Chew food well to coat it in saliva and enzymes to aid digestion.

Avoid excessive liquids with foods – too much may dilute HCl (see above)

Avoid overburdening the stomach which could make good digestion difficult

Sit upright when eating to provide more space for the stomach to perform its digestive functions

Lightly cook vegetables as overcooking loses the natural enzymes which may aid digestion

Magnesium – stress can contribute to bloating and magnesium, a natural relaxant, can help ease stress.

Vitamin C may aid in the production of gastrin, and in turn gastric juices, which may aid digestion and may kill bloating-causing bacteria and yeast.

Probiotics can help promote healthy gut flora and may kill the bacteria and yeast which contribute to bloating

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